STC was established in 1997 in Ankara, the capital of Turkey in order to developed Industrial Automation Systems. We have been operating in this area for almost twenty years. During this time we have undertaken and completed many national and international projects. Our company’ main field of activities; Steel Pipe Production, Machine Vision Systems/Welding Automations and Renewable Energy Automations.

We have successfully undertaken and completed projects in the field of Steel Pipe productions, Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Machine, Hydrostatic Test machine, Edge Beveling Machine etc. Alongside Turkey, we have completed very high level projects in countries like USA, Canada, Spain, Israel and Venezuela.

Machine Vision Systems are taking an importance part of high-end demanding sector to minimize human factor. We propose custom based solutions for different applications and different markets by using a laser triangulation scanner. The application software, SeamTraC is developed by STC and can be applied to several environments where 2D or 3D measurements/inspection or tracking are required.

STC has brought his knowledge and experience into renewable energy automations for hydroelectric power plants. Within our turn-key automation pack, you can monitor and control all parameters, remote monitoring is also provided over internet. It is easy to access plant’s status through a computer wherever you are. We can work with many turbine-generator manufacturers and provide mechanical installation under the supervision of manufacturers.

Should you require further information and quotation regarding our systems and services, please do not hesitate to contact us.